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Tony Robbins

 Tony Robbins Biography

Tony Robbins is an American-born philanthropist, author, and life coach Anthony Jay Robbins (Anthony J. Robbins) on February 29, 1960, in North Hollywood, California, USA, is known for his seminars, self-help books, and infomercials. His seminars are organized by Robbins Research International.

Tony Robbin Age

Anthony Jay Robbins was born on February 29, 1960, in North Hollywood, California, USA (Anthony J. Mahavoric). He is 59 years old as of 2019.

Tony Robbin Career

Robbins began his calling promoting courses for powerful speaker and creator Jim Rohn when he was 17 years old. In the mid-1980s, not long after John Grinder, a benefactor of neurolinguistic programming got together, the two became accomplices. At the moment, Robbins was showing NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. In 1983, Robbins figured out how to fire and consolidated it into his courses.

In 1988, Robbins fired his first infomercial, Personal Power, delivered by Guthy Renker, who continued to develop his administration as 'Crest Exhibition Mentor'. The publicity helped Robbins improve his broad presentation and sold his Power self-improvement audiocassette. 

His first commercials included superstars like Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton and performing artist Martin Sheen. By 1991, an estimated 100 million Americans in 200 media markets had seen his commercials.

In 1997, Robbins started the Leadership Academy workshop. He is a class speaker supported by Learning Annex. Robbins was a featured speaker at the 2007 TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) meeting. Around 4 million people have attended his live workshops.

Along with CloƩ Madanes, Robbins founded the Robbins-Madanes Center for Intervention, an association that trains mentors in essential skills to support families and people dealing with addiction and diverse issues.

In 2014, Robbins, along with a gathering of speculators including Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm, and Peter Guber, won the rights to elect a Major League Soccer facility in Los Angeles, California, henceforth referred to as the Los Angeles Football Club. The football team started rivalries in 2018. 

In 2016, Robbins worked with Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber and Washington Wizards co-owner Ted Leonsis to buy Team Liquid, an esports star gaming federation. In 2017, Team Liquid won The International 7, a Dota 2 competition with a prize pool of over $24 million.

Robbins has dealt with Bill Clinton, Justin Tuck, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, and Pitbull with an individual premise. He also directed the American specialist's Peter Guber, Steve Wynn, and Marc Benioff. He was named one of Accenture's "Best 50 Business Intellectuals" and one of the "Main 200 Business Gurus" by Harvard Business Press and was named to the Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2007.

Robbins was reprimanded for making fundamental comments about the development of Me Too at a class in San Jose, California on March 15, 2018. As per a video of the event released by NowThisNews via web-based network media, Robbins expressed his suspicion that "If you use the #MeToo development to try to gain centrality and security by using an attack and decimate another person. All you have done is use a drug called Hugeness to make yourself feel better. "

He told an anecdote about a "hugely influential man" who signed an applicant even though she was the most qualified because she was overly attractive and would pose "too much of a threat". After analyzing these comments, Robbins posted a statement of regret on his Facebook page: 'I'm sorry for suggesting anything besides my significant admiration for #MeToo development.'

Tony Robbin Family

Robbins is the eldest of three youngsters, and his people separated when he was seven. His mother remarried at this point, including a marriage to Jim Robbins, a former baseball player who legally conceived Anthony when he was twelve. Tony Robbins grew up in Glendora, California, and attended Glendora High School. In his senior year, he was elected President of the Understudy Body. Throughout his childhood, Robbins acted as a jack of all trades to accommodate his relatives. In secondary school, Robbins grew ten inches, a developmental spurt that was later attributed to a pituitary tumor. He has said his private life is 'turbulent' and 'harmful'. When he was seventeen he left home and stayed away forever.

Tony Robbins wife

In 1984, Robbins began dating her former girlfriend, Liz Acosta. Robbins married Rebecca " Becky Robbins Jenkins, after meeting her at a seminar in 1984, the couple filed for divorce in 1998. In October 2001, Robbins married Bonnie "Sage" Robbins Humphrey. Tony Robbins and his wife live in Palm Beach, Florida.

Tony Robbins children

Robbins and his former girlfriend Liz have a son; Jairek Robbins, who is also a personal empowerment coach. He adopted Jenkins' three children from their previous marriages.

Tony Robbins Facts and Body Measurements

Here are some interesting facts you won't want to miss about Tony Robbins.

  • Full Name: Anthony J. Mahavoric.
  • Age / How old?: 59 years old
  • Date of Birth: February 29, 1960
  • Place of Birth: North Hollywood, California
  • Birthday: February 29th.
  • Nationality: American
  • Father's Name: John Mohorovic
  • Mother's Name: Nikki Robbins
  • Siblings: One sister and two step-siblings.
  • Marital status: first married to Becky Robbins, currently Sage Robbins
  • Children, children: Not disclosed
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Size / How tall?: 6ft 7inch
  • Eye color: Brown

Tony Robbins Net Worth

An author, philanthropist, life coach, and entrepreneur, Robbins has an estimated net worth of $500 million

Tony Robbins Filmography

Robbins has taken on appearances in the films Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, and 2001's Shallow Hal. The exhibitions were generally poorly received. He also appeared on The Roseanne Show and a scene by The Sopranos. He plays himself in the 2010 narrative film The Singularity Is Near: A True Story About the Future.

He was ridiculed in the Family Guy scenes "If You Wish For A Weinstein" and "Buddy Stewie."

In July 2010, NBC released 'Leap forward with Tony Robbins,' an unscripted TV drama that followed Robbins as he helped the show's cast face their difficulties. NBC dropped the show after two of the six arranged scenes aired because the viewership hit 2.8 million. In March 2012, the OWN Network was given the show for another season, beginning with the first season to be restarted and from there to legitimately head into the new 2012 season. In April 2012, Robbins began supporting Oprah's Lifeclass on the OWN Network.

In 2015, film producer Joe Berlinger coordinated and delivered the narration Tony Robbins: I'm Not Your Guru, based on Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny opportunity after it was filmed in Boca Raton, Florida in December 2014. She debuted at the South Southwest Film Celebration in March 2016 and opened the American Documentary Film Festival (Amdocs) in Palm Springs in February 2016. The narration was adapted into dialects for 190 nations and released by Netflix on July 15, 2016.

Tony Robbins Books

  • Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Simon & Schuster. (2017) (co-authored with Peter Mallouk) ISBN 1501164589
  • Money: Complete the game. Simon & Schuster. (2014) ISBN 1476757801
  • Huge steps. Touchstone. (1994) ISBN 0671891049
  • Awaken the inner giant. free press. (1991) ISBN 0671791540
  • Unlimited Power. free press. (1986) ISBN 0-684-84577-6

Tony Robbins Company

Robbin's businesses include global seminars and products business Robbins Research International, Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji, Twin Lab & Metabolife, Fortune Practice Management, and a variety of businesses including media production under Tony Robbins Productions.

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